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We have a lot of variety in our jobs and daily tasks. Everybody is specialist in his profession, due to his skills and his motivation. We are focused on a good and professional work climate. Additional teamwork takes a big role in our professional environment. At KIFAD, we try to support each other.

13 motivated and individual social workers giving their best everyday, to support the social development in communities as much as they can. We are all part of the process and can learn from each other. Communication takes an important role in our daily life. Apart from our individual exercises we carry out capacity building sessions to grow and share our skills and experience.

If we have available positions, you can apply and we will compare all applications. After we will invite you for a personal interview, to see if you and your skills are matching with our expectations. We are always interested in new and motivated staff members.

Due to money issues, we are not able to engage individual and independent applicants, apart from our requirements.

Currently we don´t have available positions, but we are very interested in volunteers. Volunteering at KIFAD could be an interesting and helpful start in your professional career.

If you have professional know-how and would like to offer your work and pro bono services, feel free contact us.

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Kiyita Family Alliance for Development

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