Internship or Volunteering?

If you are interested in our mission and values, KIFAD is every time ready for you. You want an adventure, a good work atmosphere, fun combined with professionalism and new experience?

We are sure we can benefit from your work and personality. We try to support you in your life development. Nobody is perfect and everybody has to learn his whole life. Growing is never ending. We are all in a process and can learn from each other. KIFAD will welcome you, if you want to come for an internship or for volunteering. We are not looking for experts or expecting a lot of experience. We need motivation and an open mindset. We will benefit from you and the intercultural exchange. You will find variety and exercises at KIFAD. You will be included in different work areas, combined with your skills and expectations. We work in different settings. Some days we take a ride to the field, other days we are just working at office or we are attending meetings in city surroundings.

Our team is not only staff, but also your friends and family. We care for each other and try to handle problems fast. Communication plays an important role in our daily life. Apart from our individual exercises we do capacity building sessions to grow and share skills with experience.

How to apply? There are different options to apply, depending on your preferences. First of all we are there for personal contact daily. You can apply directly at KIFAD. Easy, fast and uncomplicated! You have to fill out our online application form. It is your choice how long you want to join and support us. Don´t worry, we will discuss together and attend you with planning your trip. You won´t be alone, we will surely help you. If you want to do an internship at KIFAD, the contact will be established through your university.

Feel free to contact us for questions or interests. We are thankful and enthusiastic for any kind of communication. Our work is not possible without interns/volunteers like you! Are you ready for the adventure?


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Kiyita Family Alliance for Development

P.O. Box 33995 Kampala, Uganda
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