Economic empowerment


To supply, protect and grow physical, natural, financial, human and social assets. These interventions support vulnerable children and their households to improve their socio-economic status using three main strategies that will protect and grow their asset base namely: increasing household financial resources, increasing socio-economic skill base and facilitating market Inclusion


Our actions:

- Establishment and support of Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs): we work through the community and help our beneficiaries save together and take small loans from those savings. We ensure to bring lasting financial services to these rural areas, where access to formal financial service is very limited for those persons

- Linkages to financial services promotion related to VSLAs: we support our beneficiaries in the creation of a bank account and implement long lasting partnerships with the banks in order for the village to withdraw money without any fee

- Enterprise and market opportunities development: we help the households start small businesses from what they have at home and help them think about the value addition they could bring to their product (logo, name, packaging..). We also guide them about the way they could sell their products

- Apprenticeship trainings: artisans


Our results in 2018:

- 72 Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) formed with 2 016 members

- 26% increase in household incomes from an average of 80 000 UGX to 101 000 UGX

- 184 people trained in financial literacy

- 281 youths enrolled in apprenticeship programs

- 237 people trained in enterprise planning, selection and management of Income Generating Activities (IGAs)

- 63% of households now have access to loans in comparison to 1.2% before KIFAD intervention

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Kiyita Family Alliance for Development

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