Food security and nutrition


To contribute to the objectives of the Ugandan Government and the USAID Strategy through a mix of activities aimed at enhancing the capacities of vulnerable children households to produce and use foodstuff, as well as household knowledge and behavior with regard to nutritional practices and services


Our actions:

- Trainings on sustainable farming practices: we organize trainings for the locals about how to create and manage community farms. Families learn techniques to sustainably improve crop yields and provide entire communities with not only increased access to food but the necessary knowledge to diversify household food production and create nutritional diets

- Maternal and childhood health education: we persuade the households and especially mothers to take control of the family’s nutrition and teach them the good food consumption and nutritional practices to have

- Nutritional need mapping and linkages with nutrition/health services promotion: we examine critical households and link the critical children under 5 to existing health and nutrition services and ensure they will receive the appropriate assistance

- Farming inputs: we collect vegetables and distribute them to critical families with financial issues


Our results in 2018:

- 824 households trained in production knowledge and skills to engage in profitable agricultural practices

- 824 vulnerable children’s household members trained in horticulture for successful backyard gardening

- 674 children under the age of 5 screened for malnutrition, with critical cases linked to care

- 978 people equipped with nutrition knowledge and food preparation skills

- 49% increase in the number of households eating a balanced diet

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Kiyita Family Alliance for Development

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