To work with community based structures to identify the most vulnerable children and reach them with support for education, healthcare and food. Our approach is to guide these children as they assume responsibility for their own futures. Children and families in low resource settings require the right set of skills, access and effective use of a well-integrated set of social and economic services to position them for success


Our actions:

- Equal Education for Girls Promotion: we promote increased access and retention of vulnerable children in school to realize equal education opportunities and help them grow up to be knowledgeable and prepared contributors to their communities

- Home visits: we visit and support children and their families by providing psychosocial, emotional and community support to enable them complete education

- Clothing, shoe and scholastic materials distribution: we collect used clothing, shoes and materials for school in good condition and distribute them to the families in order for vulnerable kids to attend school with the basic requirement

- Parenting sessions: we recognize the importance of the family in education and gather together the parents within the communities. We encourage them to become fully involved with their children’s education and to take part in seminars and meetings

- Capacity building in schools: we visit different schools, communities and other stakeholders and organize discussions with the teachers about the topic of education and learning programs

- School activities: we establish and support child friendly activities in schools and ensure there is a proper environment for those children

- Life skills and recreational sessions: we facilitate access to culture for youth and organize for them in schools or in their community different activities where they normally cannot attend because of a financial issue

- Farming in schools: we provide seeds to schools and help kids and teachers build small kitchen gardens

- Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre:


Our results in 2018:

- 99 parents and guardians of supported children attended dialogues geared towards keeping children in school

- 12 schools supported to have child friendly environments

- 462 school visits were carried out to support children in their learning experience through counseling sessions

- 30 teachers completed a practice oriented training in using a nationally approved curriculum

- 13 children are being put through school and provided with food, healthcare, scholastic materials and recreational activities through KIFAD

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