Feb 21

Our Beliefs

Our Vision:

A self-reliant community where people are free from HIV/AIDS and are living an improved quality of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is inspired by God’s love for humanity, KIFAD stands out to challenge and respond to causes and consequences of disease, poverty and ignorance with a commitment to mobilize communities to solve their own problems and live with dignity.

Core Values:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability.
  • Justice.
  • Participation
  • Quality
  • Professionalism

 Transparency. The organization will facilitate the participation of right holding beneficiaries and partners through an open divulgement of budget and plan details. Strong emphasis will be placed upon this openness, as it is an essential step in building mutual trust among stakeholders and promoting cooperation.

Accountability. The organization will conform to internationally acceptable financial management systems in order to be accountable to donors. Accountability to rights holders, local government, and the community will also be emphasized. They will be given the opportunity to evaluate program performance through the annual development fora and will participate in consultations before major decisions are made. These activities will contribute to the organization’s positive reputation. In addition, accountability will promote confidence, effectiveness, and the efficient use of resources.

Justice. The organization will ensure fairness by functioning without bias regarding religion, tribe, or creed. The organization will provide equal opportunities to both women and men, especially during staff recruitment and the selection of project beneficiaries. All activity will be based upon a belief in justice for all and a respect for human dignity

 Participation. The organization will strive to involve rights holders and the community in program planning, implementation, monitoring, and    evaluation. Such participation will be promoted with the aim of making the organization’s interventions more meaningful for those being served.

Quality. We believe in quality service provision. Quality assurance will be at the center of our interventions and will be reinforced, among others, through authentication of manuals and content, vetting participants’ delivery after training, ensuring that contractors use right materials, mixture, etc and ensuring quality of the products we design

Professionalism. We will ensure observance of professionalism in service delivery. We shall do this by targeting skilled staff for the implementation of our interventions as well as adherence to acceptable professional values and ethics. Professionalism will promote good quality for our interventions.




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